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  • Sori

    This wig is excellent. It's thick, with life-like strands and wonderfully natural looking. It came

  • Ali

    This is probably the best remy hair weave I've ever bought. They're so smooth,soft, easy to be s

Headband Wigs (2)

Wholesale European Virgin Hair 3/4 Band Fall Headband Wigs

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European-hair Jewish head covering

Wholesale European Virgin Hair 3/4 Band Fall Jewish head covering human hair wigs

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3/4 Band Fall Jewish Hair

Wholesale European Virgin Hair 3/4 Band Fall Loose Wave Jewish hair wigs

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European virgin hair Headband Wig is well-known on present market and has won great popularity among quality clients in the right of Best Quality and Reasonable Price .Its cap design is all machine-made base.For jewish wigs,cap also can be silk or mono top and machine-made back Or silk top with all hand-tied.
The law is that a married Jewish women,(not all Jewish women) are supposed to cover their hair. Some women choose to wear a headband wig, which is proper according to some authorities and is not according to some (their objections are probably the same as yours). That is to say,there are some factors to consider: 1) A regular wig almost never looks as nice as a woman’s own hair (and it never looks “exactly the same”).  A woman’s hair is a key factor , for whatever factor, in her own sensuality. 2) A lot of wigs are made from real human hair, and some of them do be very nice, and VERY expensive. It happens that some women end up covering up with hair that looks even better than their own.Some poskim (Jewish legal authorities) encourage the wearing of sheitel, Others discourage this sort of extravagance.