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clip in hair extensions for short hair

Hair extensions are a must accessory for beauty lover,especially Clip in hair extensions for short hair ! Until recently, women of all ages have had to make a difficult choice: do they cut their hair to prevent split ends, or live with damaged hair in the quest to have great long locks. Well, no more, because at present you can have your cake and eat it, keeping the quality and strength of your normal natural hair, at the same time getting your lovely hair extensions from Hair extensions sale factory.


If you are wanting to have them done there are a few things you need to take into consideration first


  1. Price. Prices vary dramatically from various hair extensions human hair, from $15 for some Clip in hair extensions for short hair ,Halo hair extensions cheap,Keratin hair extensions,best tape in hair extensions to $80 for long Curly Clip in hair extensions.A decent set of keratin hair extensions should set you back between $20 and $100 depending what hair grade and hair styles you choose.Different Grade is of different price.
  2. Permanent or temporary? One important consideration is how long do hair extensions last ? This decision will solely depend on the reasons for getting them in the first place EG: if you just want to look gorgeous for special occasions,such as a wedding or birthday, and don’t plan to wear them daily,temporary hair extensions will be the best choice for you, and a good set of Cheap Clip in Hair Extensions will suffice. On the other hand, if you are just had a bad hair cut and you need it covered while your natural hair grows, you want something more permanent. Or if you just want long hair that you don’t have to worry about, then permanent is the answer. Again budget is always a factor.
  3. Bonded, weave, or tape. This next choice is to do with the way the extensions are applied.. Besides clip in hair extensions for short hair,Generally there are 3 methods that most hair extensions will use,Keratin hair extensions can be bonded to the clients head using a cold fusion technique which are small bonds of glue which are heated and the bonds are stuck into your hair creating a very small bond and hard to detect, other bonding methods are micro-rings which involve no glue but tends to fall out a bit quicker than bonds and shrink tubes which in my experience are not great for longevity. Alterative, you can get the extensions weaved in to your existing hair. A specialist technique that has become very popular but takes a very long time to fit and generally doesn’t last as long as the bonded method, the upside is no extra products are used on the natural hair although knotting is common. The quickest and cheapest method would be to install Best tape in hair extensions. This will last 6-8 weeks though, more like a semi-permanent method. Be aware hair extensions need a lot of aftercare.
  4. Choosing clip in hair extensions for short hair with a good well organized website ,you know that these people care about there business as they are willing to manage website seriously.Ask friends or approach people who have had extensions, get recommendations if you can. so that’s all, I hope my bit of advice is helpfull for you. If want reasonable price and top quality,you can try direct China factory– LumHair