How to get longer eyelashes naturally

how to grow longer eyelashes

There are various methods on how to grow longer eyelashes,like Best False Eyelashes, eyelash extensions, mascara,eyelash enhancing drugs and even eyelash transplants. All of these methods help to create the appearance of fuller and longer eyelashes, and are typically affordable solutions. The most popular and safe method for actually making lashes grow longer is the use of castor oil, olive oil, and petroleum jelly. This is a home remedy that is a safe alternative to prescription medication. It should be done over the course of two weeks to see a difference.


The oil method is fairly simple. However, this home remedy for how to make eyelashes longer does not yield immediate results. Some recommend creating an eye lotion of calendula and cornflower to stimulate growth, in addition to this method. The recommended steps are curl lashes, then to apply castor oil, olive oil or petroleum jelly to lashes using a toothbrush or other applicator. Lashes should be brushed with water one minute after application. A different way to use this method is to coat your eyelids with the oil and allow it to sit overnight, and then remove it in the morning.


Another method of how to make Best fake eyelashes longer is to make them appear longer. One way of doing this is to apply eyeliner. Applying eyeliner closer to the lash line makes the lashes look fuller. If a color is chosen that is darker than the eyelash color, it gives the appearance that there are more eyelashes than there actually are. Curling lashes is another option. Eyelash curlers give lashes extra curve, which can make flat eyelashes look longer than they are. Eyelash curlers should be used gently and carefully, so that the lashes do not fall out as a result.


Three final ways on how to grow longer eyelashes are to use mascara or apply fake lashes, or use eyelash growth products . Wearing  Mink lashes wholesale will give your own lashes extra volume and make them look much longer. Best Fake lashes should be applied carefully so that there is no damage to the eye or natural lashes. Careful application will also help them to look more natural and stay firmly. Applying mascara over fake lashes will allow them to blend in with natural lashes so that they look better. Be sure to use mascara that is high quality so that it doesn’t clump on the lashes.


If you chose to go the eyelash growth product route, you should know that at least one of these products, Latisse, requires a prescription. It’s a great product, with some good results. However, many of these products provide outstanding results without the need for a prescription. Used as directed, they will last more than 3 months per tube, and some people have reported them lasting for up to 8 months! It depends on the frequency of use required to maintain your eyelash growth.


Eyelash Extensions are available for those who are looking for a way of how to grow longer eyelashes right away. These are done at salon and you need to undertake Eyelash Extensions Cost. The down side to extensions when it comes to getting longer eyelashes is that they are not permanent and can be costly as well as time consuming. The up side to it is that they are evident right away.